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Hey everyone!  

My name is Chelece-Atavia, but my friends and family call me Lecie

Fun Facts:

I’m a Jersey girl!

I LOVE to cook, it’s therapeutic for me.

I’m a beach bum, it’s my happy place!

Coffee is my bestie for the restie (Starbucks to be exact).

I’m not a fan of ice cream or sweets (I promise I’m not a weirdo y’all).

I love being with my family, my nieces and nephews are my world. 

I’m extremely goofy, I love to laugh … all the time. 

I’m a licensed social worker and therapist  

I love what I do and count it a privilege to serve others in this capacity. I love Jesus and I won't take it back, amen? Amen. I have a passion to bridge the gap between faith and mental health because…well, it’s necessary. There are people who are suffering in the pews, standing behind pulpits, greeting visitors at the door and operating through the lens of their trauma. Wanna know a secret? I was one of them! 


I’m here to remind you that Jesus cares about your trauma. His love and care is not displayed through shame, anger, and resentment. While others may try to push this lie, hear me…that ain't the gospel. Jesus did NOT die on the cross and rise from the dead for you to feel condemned. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel, but there’s transformation and healing through His word. 


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Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to replace therapy. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Please refer to the resources tab for websites to assist with locating  professional help in your area.

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