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Acknowledge The Pain

Yes, I know … it’s easier to tell yourself you are okay.

Buuuuut ........ you’re not.

Guess what? That’s O.K.A.Y.

Perfectionism will rob you from being your authentic self. It takes the beauty out of your process and forces you to over perform for love from others.

You are no longer an object of abuse. You are human and you deserve the ability to experience emotional safety. In order to embrace that, you have to admit there is something wrong.

Admitting you are hurt takes courage, it doesn’t make you weak.

When you reflect on your experiences, what comes to mind?

*Take a moment to write your thoughts*

Now that you wrote it down, read it out loud and pay attention to how your body responds.

Do you feel tension?

Well, friend… that’s proof it’s time to release. You can’t release what you won’t acknowledge.

I want to pray for you, because I understand the resistance you may feel internally with this.

“Father in the name of Jesus, I pray you will give your child the strength to acknowledge they are in need of help. Remind them they are walking in the freedom you promised before the foundation of the world. Lead them to the right therapist to assist them with their journey. I plead the blood of Jesus over their mind, heart, and emotions. In your word it says, who the son sets free, is free indeed. We thank you for what you are going to do, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Need help finding a therapist? Click on the resource tab above for assistance.

Feel free to email/leave a message about your process. I’d love to hear from you.

Much Love,

C-A. Brown



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