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How Can We Embody Freedom?

Hey Fam,

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Lately, I’ve been in deep thought/prayer about embracing joy, and peace.

For the next week, we will discuss what it means to embody freedom after experiencing trauma.

1. Acknowledge Pain

2. Unpack/Process

3. Feel Emotions

4. Exhale/Vulnerability

5. Live/Authenticity

What does embody mean? So glad you asked!



be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

When you think about freedom, what comes to mind?

*Take a moment to reflect*

For me, I envision a bird coasting in the air … flying high and low as needed.

Unfortunately, trauma can make a person feel stuck without the ability to move. It can leave an individual trapped in their mind, body, and soul. Freedom seems foreign when pain is a norm.

As a trauma survivor, I understand how difficult remaining present can be. It may feel like you’re not doing enough to heal. The reality is… healing comes with rest.

Fighting to survive is no longer your portion.

Take a deep breath, and repeat after me: “I am here, because I deserve to be here.”

*Pause for 5 seconds*

Take another breath and repeat after me: “My trauma does not define me and will not dictate my future.”

Give yourself space, and grace to learn the healed version of you.

Yes, this journey is strange and new, but you can do it.

I have faith in you. Don’t stop, keep going.

Much Love,

C-A. Brown

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