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Dear Christian ... Go To Therapy.

Hey you! I know you’re probably thinking, “What’s next, Chelece?”

I’m here to encourage you to GET CHU A THERAPIST, lol!

I know, I know, you may feel ashamed to admit you need help and that’s fine.

I promise you, going to therapy is NOT Anti-Christ. In fact, Jesus and Therapy does not mean you’re substituting Jesus FOR therapy. It simply means you’re utilizing the resources He puts in place. Jesus cares about your trauma and your emotional well-being. His blood reaches the pain embedded in your soul and it will NEVER lose its healing power. Trauma can have a negative impact on your mental health, and emotional health. When not dealt with, the effects of traumatic events can force you to think things will never get better. Here’s the truth, Jesus died on the cross and took on your pain and worries. He also took on the weight of the sins that were done AGAINST you by others. Suffering in silence is not the plan for your life, take a leap of faith and talk to a professional to process your pain.

I know some of you may be scared but I want you to know this...

Going to therapy does not mean:

  1. You don’t trust God.

  2. You or your family will be cursed.

  3. The Lord will turn his back on you.

You know what it does? It helps you to become a better person. Don’t you want to enjoy your Christian life?! Having a therapist who HEARS from the Lord and understands biblical principles will help shift you into a realm of supernatural healing.

Now hear me, your therapist is NOT your savior so don’t go in with unhealthy expectations.

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Proverbs 11:14

I’m on a mission to normalize therapy in the body of Christ! Shame and guilt will attempt to rob you of your freedom. Break free from having a form of godliness and trust Jesus with your mental health.

Refer to the resources section for assistance with finding a therapist in your area. I know this is a big step so if you need support and prayer email me:

Love y’all, talk to you soon!

C-A. Brown, LSW

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